Our values:

We believe that any man wants to live in an ecologically clean environment that is healthy and safe for his children. People want their homes to be warm in winter, cool in summer, without chemicals, to serve generations and at the same time – be economically viable. All these factors are ensured only by timber. Wood is the only widely available material, which is renewable, and this fact has an important role in reducing strategy of the consumption of non-renewable resources.

This environment is not only confined to our home and yard, it is a much broader and more global.

From life-cycle perspective, the wood, as a building material, is environmentally beneficial choice in aspects related to natural resources, energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and waste. One of the greatest threats in modern society is climate change, caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide CO2. If other building materials would be replaced by timber, then 1 cubic meter of timber on average reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 0.8 tons. Needless to say, timber wastes decompose and do not cause any harm to the environment.

Therefore, we support and encourage sustainable construction from ecologically clean timber and reasonable use of wood for other human needs.

Ecology – Longevity – Safety – Economy

Our company:

“Trustimex” Ltd. is an ambitious and purposeful company that is focused on stable, secure and long-term cooperation. The company’s main sphere of activities are the Siberian larch lumber imports from Russia, processing in Latvia and export to the EU countries. The main products are dried lumber, calibrated and planed boards, terrace boards, construction timber, cladding boards, roof boards and wooden fences.

To highlight our products in the market we have created our brand “Trusttimber”, that we care about very much. We want this brand to be a guarantee to the customer that this product will satisfy his desires and not disappoint in quality.

Professional and experienced staff is working in our factory in Latvia, who works in this field since 1992.

Theoretically, we can provide production’s power capacity for sawn timber up to 1000 m3 per month and for planed products up to 600 m3 per month. In the production unit we provide following operations: sawing, a visual quality control, humidity testing, kiln drying, repeated quality control after drying, sorting by a variety of sizes and lengths, trimming, calibration, planing, 3rd quality control after planing, labeling, order complementation, packing and delivery to the customer. In warehouse we are trying to provide 200-300 m3 large stocks with a wide range of assortment. Consequently, we can provide the customer with the desired quality, in agreed timetable and at the reasonable prices.

Production takes place in a small town called – Balvi , which is located in the north-eastern Latvia. Balvi town is surrounded by two lakes and is one of the tidiest Latvian small towns. In the district of Balvi our new production unit is being built, in which modern woodworking machines and dryers will be located. In this production unit, we will be able to provide additional amounts of production and new innovative product assortment. The company’s office is located in the capital of Latvia – Riga.

Our clients:

Most important, what we have – our clients. They are very different – private house owners, woodmerchants , builders, constructors, designers, building material wholesalers and so on. But at the same time, in our view, they are all united by some common characteristics – love to wood and nature, thinking and planning in a long-term, sense of responsibility towards the people around and of course sense of taste. Therefore, we respect them so much, are proud and can not disappoint them. Because only thanks to them we are developing, improving quality and setting new goals. Our ultimate goal and reward is a satisfied customer. Therefore, we treat equally all our customers, whether it is the landlord who installs 20 m2 large terrace in his garden, or European level building materials wholesale group. We offer a complete service cycle to the finished terrace of your yard.

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