SIA Trustimex offers lumber both for wholesale and retail from coniferous trees growing in Siberia: Siberian larch, Angara pinewood and Siberian cedar.

Angara pinewood and Siberian cider lumber meanwhile is available only against advance ordering and only for wholesale. While Siberian larch lumber is available in a wide assortment in the warehouse in Latvia. We try to maintain in the warehouse about 200 – 300 m3 assortment volume to meet the client’s demands within the shortest periods. We also receive new freights with materials from Siberia on a regular basis.

Lumber is cut only from fresh – sawn logs on the modern equipment. Our partners commit to their work and saws and bands are fined on a regular basis to make the saw cut smooth and the material geometrically straight with precise tolerances. They are aware very well that shipping of spoilage (waster) from a faraway Siberia to Europe is financially unprofitable and would cause only losses to both parties involved, therefore the materials are subject to a very careful quality control.
In wholesale we can ensure the material delivery to any port or address in Europe at the client’s wish. The lumber wholesale segment of our clients includes manufacturers, wholesalers, construction companies in different European countries.

We offer 4 ex-log sawn boards, beams and un-edged boards. By special orders we can plane also radially sawn boards according to the client’s specifications (for wholesale only). For long-term wholesale contracts, when necessary, we can ensure also FSC certification.

Planed lumber quality meets standard:

GOST 26002-83 for grade 1 – 3 + 4 (grade 4 no more than 15% of the volume).

For wholesale and subject to preliminary agreement it is possible also to prepare materials according to the desired quality and specifications.

Humidity. We dry material at the production unit in Latvia. Drying is performed in a convection drying chamber equipped with automated control and humidity spraying system. Drying is performed in a slow and moderate mode.

We can offer the following lumber humidity levels:

  • Natural humidity –  not dried (for wholesale only)
  • KD 18% (±3%)
  • KD 12% (±2%) (for wholesale and against preliminary order only)
  • Natural humidity for lumber is tolerances both in thickness and width.

This table reflects lumber standard dimensions that we offer:

Un-edged lumber

It is possible to order un-edged boards from Siberian larch and Angara pinewood. These are high-quality boards, practically without branches, for carpentry needs, for production of windows scantlings, for sawing radial boards and for various other applications. They are sawn only from 1st and 2nd cut logs and have respectively few branches and large planes. E.g., an average width of the plane of a 63 mm –thick board is 400 – 440 mm. The most popular widths: 25 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm and 75 mm. But also other widths are possible. Predominant board length is 6.00 mm

Radially sawn boards.

In radially sawn boards the annual rings are vertical or perpendiculary to the plane. Such boards have greater geometric stability (do not twist or cup), also they have greater resistance to abrasion, pressure resistance and do not crack if compared to tangent-sawn boards.

For this reason they are used in the production of various laminated elements (e.g., in the production of timber window frames) and in the production of various flooring. We offer such boards for wholesale only on a contract basis. Dimensions, quality and humidity according to the client’s specifications.

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