SIA TRUSTIMEX offers a range of various services, which are directly connected with timber processing, import, logistic and construction.


We offer a package of industrial wood-working services:

  • drying in convection drying chamber (capacity of one chamber is 50 – 60 m3 – Incomac)
  • Planing /calibration with 8 – head 4 side planing machine  (Waco)
  • Splitting thickness and width;
  • Length trimming;
  • visual grading according to quality, dimensions, lengths – both of lumber and of end products (grading line) – packaging, marking


We offer installation of timber terraces and facades. We can offer a full cycle from design to completed projects.


Wood Agency

We offer agency services on the market of timber products in Baltic States . We can represent the interests of Your company and organize timber purchases, sales, logistics, quality control, customs clearance processes, or also a full package. We guarantee full responsibility and confidentiality.

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