SIA TRUSTIMEX offers a range of various services, which are directly connected with timber processing, import, logistic and construction.


We offer a package of industrial wood-working services:

  • drying in convection drying chamber (capacity of one chamber is 50 – 60 m3 – Incomac)
  • Planing /calibration with 8 – head 4 side planing machine  (Waco)
  • Splitting thickness and width;
  • Length trimming;
  • visual grading according to quality, dimensions, lengths – both of lumber and of end products (grading line) – packaging, marking


We offer installation of timber terraces and facades. We can offer a full cycle from design to completed projects.


Wood Agency

We offer agency services on the market of timber products in Baltic States and in Russia. We can represent the interests of Your company and organize timber purchases, sales, logistics, quality control, customs clearance processes, or also a full package. We guarantee full responsibility and confidentiality.


Receipt of timber wagons in Russia.

We offer receipt of railway wagons at Russia – Latvia border (in Pskov region), unloading, storage of materials, grading, packaging etc. related services. There is a possibility to provide also a full package of forwarding services, for further movement of materials to Europe or to a port.


Customs clearance of timber and other goods in Russia.

Package of customs brokerage services for export from Russia to Europe, sanitary control.


Logistic Forwarding

We offer timber and other freight forwarding services. We are specifically specialized in timber (lumber) carriage from Siberia to European countries by road, by rail and combined logistics schemes (railway- road – ferry).

We will find for You an optimal transportation route and logistics scheme, ensure the freight safety and shortest delivery periods. We can offer a full cycle of forwarding services, including sanitary control, customs clearance, completion of documents and freight storage.

 Transport types: railway

  • Trucks
  • By sea (from Latvian ports or Saint Petersburg port)
  • Combined

 Routes: Russia – Europe

  • CIS – Europe
  • Europe – Russia
  • Europe – CIS countries

– Freight: lumber

  • End products
  • Round timber
  • Equipment and machine units
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